''We extend our thanks to you both for facilitating a very successful season via MySTEM Academy despite the challenging COVID 19 backdrop. MySTEM Academy introduced and allowed my son to substantively participate in a real-world, collaborative effort where teamwork, ingenuity and core values are reinforced. In addition to providing relevant technological exposure, these elements have helped to form the basis of his continuing well-rounded educational development.  My son was enthusiastic about SPORTSTEAM, the challenges, his contributions and the team’s award winning accomplishments. This was made possible by your consistently thorough coaching, encouragement and mentoring.  Wishing you continued success and with kind regards." (B.P., parent)


'You both are doing a great service to the community in running MySTEM Academy. This is teaching kids not only about Robotics and programming, but also teamwork, setting goals and how to work towards reaching those goals. And in this process, they are also learning great life skills like time management, handling pressure, success, and learning from failures and disappointments. You are providing a great structure in which the kids can have fun and learn at the same time." (S.C., parent)

"Thank you so much for your time and dedication to the FLL team. This experience has been beyond wonderful for my son in so many ways thanks to you"
(K.M., parent) 


I want to sincerely thank both of you for all of the time and effort you invested into Yinz Girls & your other teams. It has been an incredible experience for my daughter to see the FLL goals & values culminate into a performance they all owned and can be proud of today. The ups and downs of learning teamwork, speaking and handling pressure with poise, the act of serving teammates & the community - oh and learning more about programming and robotics:) -will have a lifelong impact for these girls. Thank you both for allowing her to be part of this team! 
(M. B., parent)


We would like to express to you our heartfelt thanks for all your effort and enthusiasm this Lego season. My daughter had a wonderful time as she explored robots and the project. She really loved the whole process, from the Saturdays meetings to the work at home, and finally the competition! Thank you so much for putting it all together. It was fantastic!" (M.G., parent)

"Thank YOU all for the tireless effort you gave to our kids this fall, guiding and teaching them in a way that is uniquely yours. They had a wonderful season, made new friends, and learned that they could accomplish significant goals. We cannot thank you all enough for all you do" (K.O., parent)


"Thank you for everything - my son had a wonderful experience with their fellow MySTEM Academy teammates. Before Saturday's competition, we had no idea what to expect. We were SO impressed with all of the teams but particularly the MySTEM Academy teams! The amount of work and thought that must have gone into the team's project plan was impressive. We were blown away by your guidance, thoughtfulness and absolute confidence in the students' abilities. Saturday's event showed us that the team not only created a great product but enjoyed the process of working together and getting to know each other. Saturday was a special experience for our whole family!
Again, many thanks for your leadership and hard work!" (L.W., parent)

"What an amazing day! What an amazing experience. It was made all the more special by the "specialness" you and Maria brought to the group through the past months. More than your ability to educate and motivate, the patience, positive attitude, sincerity and respect you gave to everyone involved has made this a meaningful personal experience and well as an excellent academic one. My son gained so much from this experience, and it is my privilege to have gotten to know you." (L.J., parent)
"Congratulations, Coaches - your 3 teams all ranked in the top 25%, 2 won 1st place trophies, all 3 went to the 2nd round on research - so much to be proud of!" (L.C., parent)

"It is our first time to see FLL competition, a very pleasing experience. As a software engineer ( I graduated from CMU and worked on that HIP replacement project about 10 years ago), I really enjoy watching the table game. All kids had a wonderful time, experience and opportunity. You are wonderful coach for our kids. Thank you very much for your guidance and mentoring." (Q., parent)

"I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for taking the time to work with our kids. Thank you for taking my son under your wings and guiding him through this very strong interest of his. Robots and Legos are my son's passion and you helped him become better at both of these skills. He really enjoyed working with you. He learned a lot and is already missing everyone from the group. We can not wait until next year to start again. I was so impressed with the amount of work you and the kids put into this program. They all learned so much and it showed in their presentations on Saturday at the competition. They were all very professional!!! Awesome job to everyone and we hope to see you all next year. Thanks again for everything!!!" (H.K., parent)


"Our child was already attracted to robotics . . . MySTEM Academy presented each lesson in a nurturing way that combined fun with science." ...  "When we heard of a robotics program, we knew that our son would not only enjoy the challenge . . . but, learn teamwork, patience, and problem-solving skills; all of which are necessary for success in today's classroom."  (A.R., parent)
"If your kids like M&M's, they will love Maria & Marcel. They are mentors!"... "After weeks of preparation, we met with all the boys and girls at the FLL challenge and immediately knew we made the right choice with MySTEM Academy."   (K.R., parent)


"Our son is a member of the robotics team coached by Marcel and Maria. It is such an energetic, friendly and fun group. Kids just love it! Marcel and Maria are excellent teachers. He learned a lot about robotics and much more after joining this team. He also really enjoyed the fun and recreational activities in this exciting environment "   (J.T., parent)


"Marcel and Maria have the uncanny ability to spur students onto success without micromanaging them." (K.S., parent)


"FLL was so much fun, and it was always the thing I looked forward to all week. I enjoyed working as a team and challenging myself to solve problems. The coaches were excellent and helped us when we needed guidance." (J.S., FLL player)


"FLL challenges your mind and makes you solve problems that you can use in real life. Building the robots was fun, but the most fun was the final competition!" (J.S., FLL player)


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