MySTEM Academy 2023-2024 Programs Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The entrance door will be unlocked 5 minutes before classes start. Students (only) can enter through MySTEM Academy’s main door and line up along the glass window and wait for the check-in process. Students can use the garment rack to store coats and backpacks, and water bottles at the front desk. No food will be allowed in our center.
For dismissal, an authorized person will be requested to wait in the parking lot and text Maria at (412) 513-6155 with the child’s full name upon arrival. Once the message is received, the student will collect his/her belongings and walk to the main door and leave our center. Past the dismissal time, each student will collect his/her belongings and walk individually to the glass window next to the main door and wait for at most 5 minutes after dismissal time.
Tardiness to pick up will jeopardize the security of our students and families. We have a strict cleaning process and maximum capacity numbers to follow that will be strongly affected by tardiness to pick up.
MySTEM Academy reserves the right to temporarily or permanently dismiss from class any student with recurring late pickup. No refund will be issued in this case.

Any electronic device (iPods, cell phones, tablets, etc.), trading cards, toys, skateboards or anything else that could distract the group’s attention. Personal Lego pieces, motors, sensors, etc. Personal valuables such as jewelry, watches, money, etc. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings.

If our child is injured or becomes ill while at the camp we will call the emergency contacts listed on your Personal Information Form. If we cannot reach any of the contacts and if we believe that the condition is an emergency, we will contact the authorities to provide removal to a hospital.

For us to provide the best possible environment for all campers, it is fundamental that we are notified in advance of any medical condition your child may have (insulin dependency, cardiac illness, asthma, seizures, autism, allergies, ADD, etc.). We reserve the right to cancel participation in the summer camp, with no refund of the registration fee or camp payment, of any child whose medical condition is not fully disclosed to us at the time of registration.

Cancellation: If we need to cancel a session due to low enrollment, we will refund you in full for the program fee.
Refunds for after school programs: If you cancel registration before the session begins, and another paid registrant takes your place, we will refund you for the program. If a paid registrant cannot be found, there will be no refund of the program. There will be no refund after sessions begin.
Refunds for summer camps: If you cancel registration two weeks before the camp begins we will refund the camp fee minus $25 to cover the registration cost. If you cancel registration within two weeks of the start of the camp, and another paid registrant takes your place, we will refund you in full. If a paid registrant cannot be found, there will be no refund of the program. There will be no refund after sessions begin.
Transfers: Transfers to a different session will be accepted at any time as long as there are open spaces on the session you want to transfer to.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS. By enrolling your child in the MySTEM Academy summer camp program, you agree to let us use pictures and videos taken during the program, in which your child appears, for educational or promotional activities and materials.
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Maria at or call (412) 513-6155.
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