Winter Program from 01/15/2020 to 02/22/2020


Winter program will be offered at MySTEM Academy Center, 10850 Perry Highway, Wexford PA 15090

Cost: $150/student per session (total of 9 hours, six weeks)

$15 discount for multicampers or siblings




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Saturday Sunday









Club (*)






Robotics & Coding

grades 2 to 6




Robotics for

FLL (*)





Bulding & Coding 

with Lego WeDo

grades 1-2



grades 2-3






Club (*)





grades 5-6

Cool Projects

with Lego EV3

grades 3-4

Coding with Lego EV3 grades 4-6


Robotics for

FLL (*)




(*) Advanced Robotics for FLL, FLL Jr. Club, and FLL Club are by invitation only

Kinder Robotics: This program will introduce kids to STEM and early coding-related concepts as they use LEGO to build and explore science and engineering concepts.


Building & Coding with Lego WeDo (grades 1-2): Students will create and share their discoveries while building and programming with LEGO motors, sensors and gears.


Scratch Programming (grades 2-3): Kids will create games and animations on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop environment. They will learn the basics of programming, including conditional structures, and loops; and the use of math operators, variables, and functions.


Cool Projects with Lego EV3 (grades 3-4): Students will build fascinating robots like rovers, a crushing claw spider, a Star War R2D2 clone, a humanoid robot; and learn important computer programming concepts while using sensors to move accurately.


Coding with Lego EV3 (grades 4-6): This program, students will build a robot using LEGO motors and sensors and use visual blocks to program the robots to move and sense the environment by detecting obstacles and surfaces of different colors. They will be exposed to the fundamentals of computer programming.


Python Programming (grades 5-6): Students will learn programming concepts such as data types, variables, operators, if/else statements, and functions, while building a Game.


Homeschool Robotics & Coding (grades 2-6): Students will build and program robots to solve challenges. Younger kids will work with Lego WeDo while older kids will experiment with Lego Mindstorms and VEX IQ robotics system and program with RobotC.


Advanced Robotics for FLL (*)In this program students will learn advanced building and computer programming using the LEGO EV3 Mindstorms. They will be challenged to build advanced mechanisms to provide the appropriate balance between speed, strength, and accuracy. Students will learn advanced programming including creation of several reusable functions, proportional control, debugging, and decision-making techniques. This program is recommended for students with previous experience with LEGO EV3 who intend to participate in an FLL tournament in the future. (By invitation only)


FLL & FLL Jr. Club (*)This program is offered for current MySTEM Academy FLL and FLL Jr. team members who want to continue participating in the 2020-2021 robotics season. We will be working to improve design, building and programming skills and work on Innovation Project and Core Values activities. (By invitation only)


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