Spring Session 1 from 3/4/2020 to TBD


Spring Session 1 will be offered at MySTEM Academy Center, 10850 Perry Highway, Wexford PA 15090

Cost: $150/student per session (total of 9 hours, six weeks)

$15 discount for multicampers or siblings


MySTEM Academy Classes are suspended since 3/13/2020. Our calendar of classes will be extended by a week for every week of suspension until all classes are completed. We commit to providing to every child the classes he/she signed up for. Note that classes may now extend into April and May depending on how long PA schools are closed. Thank you for your support as we strive to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our students. We love working with young scientists and innovators and need to put their health and safety above all. We'll continue monitoring the situation and communicating with you. Please pay close attention to your email in the coming days and weeks.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Saturday Sunday









Club (*)






Robotics & Coding

grades 2 to 6




Robotics for

FLL (*)





Building & Coding 

with LEGO WeDo

grades 1-2

Simple Machines  grades 2-3









grades 5-6

Cool EV3 Projects

grades 3-4

Coding with LEGO EV3 grades 5-6


Robotics for

FLL (*)


Club (*)
6-8 p.m.


(*) Advanced Robotics for FLL, FLL Jr. Club, and FLL Club are by invitation only

Kinder Robotics: This program will engage students in investigating and understanding the operation of simple machines such as gears, wheels and axles, levers, and pulleys to introduce kids to science and engineering concepts. They will build pinwheels, spinning tops, car launchers, hockey players, and other projects while exploring motion, energy, stability, forces and friction concepts.


Building & Coding with LEGO WeDo (grades 1-2): Students will continue building different projects every day and learn simple visual programming blocks to make their projects move by using motors, sensors and gears. Projects will include soccer kicker and goalie, dancing birds, hungry alligators, spirograph and many others.


Simple Machines (grades 2-3): Enable students to work as scientists while investigating and understanding the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life.They will build an experiment with gears while building and testing a simple merry-go-round model; with gears and axels while exploring a popcorn cart; and several other simple machine projects. The activities lead students to make initial use of scientific method through observation, reasoning, prediction, and critical thinking. 


Cool EV3 Projects (grades 3-4): This program is designed for elementary school students who want to experiment with building and programing with Lego EV3. Students will build a cool project such as six-legged scorpion, lifting gripper, a humanoid robot, or another robot of their choice. They will also learn how to code the robot to use the color sensor to play fun games.


Coding with Lego EV3 (grades 4-6): In this program, students will continue programming LEGO EV3 to sense the environment using the visual programming blocks. They will use the color sensor to detect surfaces of different colors, program robot to line follow and play games. They will be exposed to the fundamentals of computer programming using motors and sensors. 


Python Programming (grades 5-6): Students will learn computer programming concepts such as data types, variables, operators, if/else statements, and functions while building a Game. This program will be a continuation of the winter program. 


Homeschool Robotics & Coding (grades 4-6): This program will engage students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They will learn key concepts of machines and motion and build and program with VEX IQ robots. Students will build their first robot by connecting and pairing the controller and the robot brain and by using the VEX IQ sensors: touch, distance, color, gyro, and touch LED. They will learn how to program using fundamentals of RobotC, a C-based programming language used to command a robot. 


Advanced Robotics for FLL (*)In this program, students will learn advanced computer programming using the LEGO EV3 Mindstorms including the creation of several reusable functions, proportional control, debugging, and decision-making techniques. This program is recommended for students with previous experience with LEGO EV3 who intend to participate in an FLL tournament in the future. (*) By invitation only.


FLL & FLL Jr. Club (*)This program is offered to current MySTEM Academy FLL and FLL Jr. team members who want to continue participating in the 2020-2021 robotics season. We will be working to improve design, building and programming skills and work on Innovation Project and Core Values activities. (*) By invitation only.


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