MySTEM Academy Healthy and Safety Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Workstations separated 6-8 feet apart with individual desk, chair, hand sanitizer, tissue box, and trash can.



Robot Game table with designated spots
for team members to work.



These safety guidelines were created with the goal of promoting a healthy learning environment for MySTEM Academy students taking classes at its physical center in Wexford, PA.


General Guidelines:

MySTEM Academy Center will welcome a maximum of 8 students and two adult instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic season. All participants must follow these guidelines:

  1. Stay at least 6 feet apart from each other at ALL times.
  2. Use a face-covering mask at ALL times unless a participant has a documented medical condition that precludes him/her from using a face mask. Participants must bring their own mask from home.
  3. Complete most of the class activities in their workstations separated 6 to 8 feet apart from each other. Each station will be provided with individual desk, chair, laptop, tray for pieces, hand sanitizer, tissue box, and trash can.
  4. Clean workstations around 5 to 10 minutes before classes end: move extra pieces and robots to the appropriate “staging box”; use sanitizing wipes to clean trays, laptops, table and desks.
  5. Use hand sanitizer located on each desk when entering the center, before moving to the Lego Shelves or Game Table, and after using the bathroom.
  6. Use hand sanitizer after sneezing or coughing. Students will also be requested to sanitize their entire surroundings after sneezing or coughing.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • The entrance door will be unlocked 5 minutes before classes start. Student (only) can enter through MySTEM Academy’s main door and line up along the glass window following the physical 6-feet signs on the floor. There will be arrows on the floor indicating areas for inward and outward movement.
  • Our staff will take each student’s temperature before directing them to the workstations.
  • Students can store their belongings (coats, water bottles, etc.) on/under their individual desk/chair. No food will be allowed in our center.
  • For dismissal, an authorized person will be requested to wait in the parking lot and text Maria at (412) 513-6155 with the child’s full name upon arrival. Once the message is received, the student will collect his/her belongings and walk to the main door and leave our center following the outward arrows indicated on the floor. Past the dismissal time, each student will collect his/her belongings and walk individually to the glass window next to the main door and wait on the 6-feet separation signs for the authorized person’s contact. Students may wait inside our center for at most 5 minutes after dismissal time.

Tardiness to pick up will jeopardize the security of our students and families. We have strict cleaning process and maximum capacity numbers to follow that will be strongly affected by tardiness to pick up.

MySTEM Academy reserves the right to temporarily or permanently dismiss from class any student with recurring late pick up. No refund will be issued in this case.


To promote a healthy learning environment, MySTEM Academy will:

  1. Only admit students from the local geographic area.
  2. Not admit visitors, parents, or other persons while the class is being taught.
  3. Clean frequently-touched surfaces: door handles, laptops, tablets, tables and chairs every day using EPA-registered products.
  4. Set up student desks 6 to 8 feet apart with laptop or tablet, hand sanitizer, tissue box, and trash can.
  5. Desks will be placed to face the teacher’s direction to ensure separation between student’s faces.
  6. Two back doors and one front door will be partly opened, and three air circulators will be placed to promote air circulation. Commercial-grade air filters will be installed in the air conditioner to improve air quality.
  7. Provide physical guides on the floor to ensure participants remain at least 6 feet apart, including inward and outward flow signs.
  8. Notify families of any confirmed COVID-19 case up to 14 days after the end of the session.
  9. Call the student’s emergency number if we suspect he/she presents any COVID-19 symptoms. The student will be physically isolated in the waiting area until parent arrival.

COVID-19 Tracing Procedure:

By registering a student to attend a MySTEM Academy Camp, parents agree to contact Maria Yamanaka at to report if any of the conditions listed below becomes TRUE while the student is enrolled and up to 14 days after the session has ended. If ANY of the conditions become TRUE, the student MUST stay home.

The student or any member of their family:

  • has tested positive for COVID-19,
  • showed any symptoms related to the virus (fever of 100 degrees or higher, a cough or sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, chills, or body ache),
  • has been in contact with a person with COVID-19, or
  • has traveled to a COVID-19 hot spot.

By registering a student to attend a MySTEM Academy camp, you voluntarily assume for yourself, your family members, and anyone you bring into a MySTEM Academy facility all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold GreenE Solution LLC dba MySTEM Academy, Maria Yamanaka, Marcel Bergerman, or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury that may result.


MySTEM Academy reserves the right to temporarily or permanently dismiss from class any student/parent who does not obey the General Guidelines, Arrival and Dismissal Procedures, MySTEM Academy Circulation Process, and COVID-19 Tracing Procedure. No refund will be issued for dismissal in these cases.


Parents must review the following “How to Wear Face Covering Mask” and “When and How to Wash Hands” instructions with students before coming to the center. Students will not be admitted to our programs if he/she cannot put or remove the mask without anyone’s assistance.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Children should bring a closed water bottle.


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