Winter STEM Programs

Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday

4:10 to 5:10  


(grades 2-3)

4:10 to 5:10  

Cool Projects

(grades 4-6)

  4:10 to 5:10 FLL Explore Team (grades 1-2)

4:10 to 5:10 

Lego Robotics II

(grades 4-6)


5:20 to 6:20

Game Design (grades 4-5)

5:20 to 6:20

Scratch Program (grades 3-4)



Lego Robotics I (grades 4-6)

5:20 to 6:20 

Lego Robotics by invitation 

5:00-6:30 (*)

Gold Black

Nifty Ninjas

6:30-8:00 (*)

Nifty Ninjas

6:30-8:00 (*)

Gold & Black

6:30-7:30 Python Program for grade 5

6:30 to 8:00 (*)

Infinite Loop

6:30 -8:00 (*) Power Crew


Infinite Loop

Power Crew



Winter Programs start on the week of 11/27 for a total of 12 weeks

No classes from 12/25/2023 to 01/03/2024

MySTEM Academy Center, 10850 Perry Highway, Wexford PA,15090


Each student will have a robot and a computer for coding (no equipment sharing)

Projects will be different from Fall Programs. Students will NOT repeat projects.



(*) Programs in Red are by invitation only. 

Total cost for programs is $350 for 12 weeks program.

Cool Projects with Lego Mindstorms (SPIKE or EV3)

For students in grades 4, 5 and 6

This program is designed for students who enjoy building with Lego technic elements, motors, and sensors. Each student will have a Lego Mindstorms kit with over 500 pieces and create projects such as a basketball shooting hoops robot, a lifting gripper, a humanoid robot, or other projects of their choice. They will connect their creation to the block programming App to make them move and react to the environment using sensors. This program will promote a challenging environment where students will develop building skills and basics of computer programming.
Each student will have a robot and a computer for coding (no equipment sharing). Students will not repeat activities and previous students will be able to build different projects. 


Click here to watch a YouTube video


WHEN: Tuesdays from 4:10 to 5:10 pm

Lego Robotics I and II

For students in grades 4, 5 and 6

Lego Robotics I - for new students.

Lego Robotics II - for students who attended Lego Robotics I.


This program is designed to engage students in science, engineering, robotics, and coding. Each student will program an autonomous robot and solve different challenges every day. They will experiment with building and programming arms to collect, transport, lift, and deposit items to different locations. Students will also learn how to use sensors to detect color, line following and navigate a maze by avoiding obstacles. This program will promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills while learning basics and advanced coding skills.


Students will have their own robot and a computer for coding (no equipment sharing)


WHEN: Thrusdays from 5:20 to 6:20 for NEW students

Fridays from 4:10 to 5:10 (level II - for students who attended Lego Robotics level I)


First Lego Legue Explore Team

For students in grade 1 and 2                                        

In FIRST® LEGO® League Explore Robotics Team, kids learn about a real-world problem and develop an innovative solution. This year's topic is MASTERPIECE℠. Teams will imagine and innovate new ways to create and communicate art globally and use their imagination to re-think the world of art! They work together to build, motorize, and code a creative LEGO model of their solution. This is a project-based, hands-on program to introduce students to engineering and coding, where students work collaboratively to solve an annual, themed robotics challenge.

WHEN: Thursday from 4:10 to 5:10


Game Design

For students in grades 4 and 5

In this camp, students will create fully functional games in just a few hours. Using an intuitive icon-based environment, they make their world with characters and use the built-in functions to add movements and animation. For example, students can choose how objects react when they collide with each other or when the player presses a key on the keyboard; they can change the direction of a character when it reaches a boundary, they can program when to score or lose a life, play sounds, or use physics properties. By following simple steps to create games, even beginner students can quickly master the basics and use their knowledge and creativity to develop sophisticated gaming environments.

Each student will have a robot and a computer for coding (no equipment sharing). Projects will be different from Fall Programs.

WHEN: Mondays from 5:20 to 6:20 

Scratch Programming

For students grades 3-4

Students in this camp will create interactive stories, games, and animations using Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT. Students will learn to think creatively and reason systematically and learn computer programming concepts such as loops, conditional and logic operations, variables, and functions. This program will promote a challenging environment where students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and computer programming skills. 

Each student will have a computer for coding (no equipment sharing). This program is recommended for new students. Projects will be different from Fall Programs.


WHEN: Tuesdays from 5:20 to 6:20




For students in grades 2 and 3

In this camp, students will build and code several projects that teach STEM fundamentals through collaborative, hands-on activities. For example, they will create a robot arm with an Eye Sensor and Electromagnet and program them to pick up Disks from side to side.


Lessons are designed to provoke STEM thinking and spark creative problem-solving ideas. Each student will have a robot and a computer for coding (no equipment sharing). Projects will be diferent from Fall Programs.


WHEN: Mondays from 4:10 to 5:10 

Exploring Programming w Python

For students in grade 5

This course walks students from drawing basic shapes to creating animations. The course is entirely browser-based. Students can write their code, watch their drawings and animations appear on screen. Students can also practice on their own. Students will gain skills in Troubleshootong, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity.


WHEN: Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 

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