"We found MySTEM Academy when searching for community partnerships and ways to prepare pupils for future jobs."

Nannette Farmar, Rowan Elementary principal (Oct 2015)

"A new program at Rowan Elementary School in the Seneca Valley School District will teach pupils as young as second grade about robotics.

The school district has contracted with MySTEM Academy to offer its Lego WeDo and EV3 courses.

“Our goal is to make STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fun,” said MySTEM Academy co-founder Marcel Bergerman, who is also on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University. “First you engage them with something fun and then they learn.”

MySTEM Academy was created in 2010 by Mr. Bergerman and Maria Yamanaka and offers summer camps and classroom assistance.

Nannette Farmar, Rowan Elementary principal, told school board members on Monday that they found MySTEM Academy when they were searching for community partnerships and ways to prepare pupils for future jobs.

The pupils at Rowan Elementary will be exposed to concepts of building and programming with Legos and learn how to use motors and sensors to make robots move and solve different challenges every day.

Sean McCarty, assistant superintendent for elementary education, said: “It really engages a kid at a very early age with these basic engineering skills.”

MySchool Program


MySTEM Academy will partner with your school:



1. To bring STEM programs to the school daily schedule. In this model, the school provides its own equipment and software, and teachers receive training from MySTEM Academy.


MySTEM Academy will help with:

  • assessment of the current model, space and technology;
  • recommendation of programs;
  • list of equipment/software and costs;
  • customized training to teachers;
  • support through all stages of the implementation.



2. To bring STEM program to the school through summer camp or after-school programs:

  • MySTEM Academy brings material/software, and provides qualified instructors.
  • The school provides room with computers, and advertises the program to the school community.
  • The school receive a percentage of the registration fees.


 Contact info@mystemacademy.com for more information.


After-School Program




MySTEM  Academy partners with schools in Pittsburgh to offer STEM-based after school programs to its students. We bring all the necessary robotics equipment, and provide software licenses to be installed on the school’s computers.


Current and past after-school partners include: McKnight Elementary School, Ingomar Elementary School, Hosack Elementary School, Falk, Wexford Elementary, Eden Hall, Sacred Heart School, and Colfax (K-8).


See below an example of a flyer to get general information on cost, location, dates, and registration.


Download flyer
Adobe Acrobat document [265.7 KB]

Summer Camp




MySTEM Academy partners with schools in Pittsburgh to offer STEM-based summer camp programs open to the community. We bring all the necessary robotics equipment, provide software licenses to be installed on the school’s computers, and advertise the program to the community. The school receives a percentage of the registration fees.


Programs include:


Lego WeDo & Tynker Programming (grades 2 and 3)


This program will allow young students to explore the limitless world of computer programming and robotics. Students will learn basics of computer science with a simple drag and drop programming. They will solve coding puzzles and game-liked challenges while being introduced to programming concepts such as sequencing, conditions, algorithm, and repetition using loops. This course will also give students the opportunity to build Lego models and program using motors and sensors. Kids will use an icon-based intuitive programming software, and use their creativity to customize models and programs, while working collaboratively and communicating effectively in the classroom.


Lego EV3 Robotics (grades 3, 4, and 5)


This program introduces students to the exciting world of robotics. Students will use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 elements to program their robots to solve a series of challenges. Campers will learn fundamentals of programming blocks such as loops, conditional operations, and the use of variables to store sensor value. Students will be encouraged to build and test several designs and programs while collaborating and communicating with each other, while learning topics in computer science, technology, engineering, math, and science.


Advanced Robotics  (grades 6, 7 and 8)


This program is recommended for students with previous experience in building and programming with Lego Mindstorms EV3. They will learn essentials of simple machines and their components, and build a robot base taking into consideration center of gravity, torque, gearing, and appropriate use of sensors. Students will be exposed to advanced programming including creating several reusable functions (MyBlocks) and be asked to solve several challenges and work in teams to accomplish results.


Video Game Design and Programming (grades 4, 5 and 6)


Using an intuitive icon-based environment, students create their own world with characters, and use the built-in functions to add movements and experiment with actions usually found in animation and game design environments. By following simple steps on how to create games, even beginner students can quickly master the basics and use their knowledge and creativity to create sophisticated gaming environments. Students are guaranteed to have fun while experimenting with computer programming, reasoning, and working and sharing games with friends!


VEX IQ Robotics (grades 6, 7 and 8)


Designed for middle school students, this program will engage students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students will build their robot and learn how to program using fundamentals of RobotC, a C-based programming language used to command a robot. It will include the use of conditional statements, Boolean operations, loops, variables, functions, and how to use sensor feedback to control the robot’s motion. This is an integrated learning program that allows students to learn, apply, and test several concepts in a real world environment while having fun working in a team to solve different challenges every day.


JavaScript and Movie Making (grades 6, 7 and 8)


This camp is designed to introduce middle school students to JavaScript programming and teach them how to create dynamic web pages that include videos produced by the students themselves. They learn the fundamental skills of computer programming by creating and manipulating different types of variables, using conditional and loops statements, creating and using several types of functions. Students will record and produce several videos or slide shows, edit them with movie editing tools, and incorporate them in their final work. The movie editing tools will allow students to add elements such as titles, transitions effects, music, and narration. By mastering the basic concepts of JavaScript programming, and creation of videos, students can let their imagination run to produce a variety of fun projects to share with friends and family while leaning programming skills and integrating technologies in a real world environment.


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